These are parts of the show where the hosts discuss gadgets that they have found on the internet, relating to certain topics.


PinkWatch is a segment devoted to all gadgets that are pink, and usually insulting to females. Infamous for bringing us such things as Molly's Vivian Tam HP Mini Note 1000.

Hot Asian GadgetEdit

The title pretty much sums it up, a segment for for hot, asian themed or created gadgets.

Apropos (of) nothingEdit

A segment for gadgets that have no real purpose, or make any sort of sense.

What the hell?Edit

Some would say this is Molly's favourite segment, it is devoted to gadgets that are unusually annoying or dangerous.


Gadgets in this segment are just that - pretty. For gadgets that look nice, and give you that warm fuzzy feeling that makes you want to spew.

Kill me.Edit

Pretty self-explanatory - a segment for gadgets that are so incredibly stupid we can't believe humans created them.

Why didn't i think of that?Edit

A segment for gadgets that are worth while, useful gadgets.

Tool TimeEdit

Tools for the tools in your life, courtesy of KeMoJa (Kelly, Molly and Jason)

About TimeEdit

BEEP BEEP BEEP #$%^ BEEP. Alarm clocks for everyone. Perhaps the most hated segment in the gadgettes podcast, most hated by Mark from Australia and Tales.


Gadgets that are ugly, and what the hell - at the same time.

Gender GapEdit

Gadgets that are very single-sex orientated.

iPhone Hype WatchEdit

A segment that happened about twice, immediately after the iPhone came out

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