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About this wiki [Edit]

Gadgettes Information Center is a wiki devoted to the subject of Gadgettes, a CNET podcast about gadgets. Gadgettes Information Center contains an Episode Guide and articles about hosts, gadgets and listeners.

Please dive in and add and edit topics, based on the discussions on the Gadgettes podcast, the Gadgettes blog and the Gadgettes Lounge.

How to help [Edit]

About Gadgettes [Edit]

Tears, laughter and a little pee.

Every Thursday, girl gurus Kelly Morrison and Molly Wood, alongside producer Jason Howell give you the latest on hot gadgets, pop-culture tech, and shopping advice. The Gadgettes viciously attack the tooliest of tools, the hottest of asian gadgets and an assortment of helpless little pink tech toys that never deserved to see the light of day. The Gadgettes cover a new theme each week, as well as use half of each episode for segments such as Tool Time, Pink Watch, What the Hell?, Apropos (of) nothing and Kill me. At the end of each episode Gadgettes play voicemails (1-800-750-CNET), read emails ( and answer listener questions.

News [Edit]

  • 24/06/10 - Gadgettes is cancelled. Forever.
  • 17/12/09 - Due to the holiday break and CES, new episodes will not be posted until January 14, 2010.
  • 17/12/09 - New Gadgettes episode posted: #166 The White Elephant Episode Episode Guide
  • 11/05/09 - New Gadgettes episode posted: Gadgettes 138: The Type A [1]
  • 02/01/09 - A new Gadgettes episodes will not appear until January 16, due to C.E.S. next week.

Latest episode [Edit]

# 172
Title The Welcome to the Future ... the Future Freaks Me Out Episode
Airdate February 4, 2010
More Info Blog Post
Listen MP3
Watch Video

Links [Edit]

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