The Cushy Tushy is a 100% acrylic toilet seat cover made by The Cushy Tushy Co. It's supposed to make one of your daily rituals more pleasant. Apparently, it's a part of everyday life in Japan where homes are not centrally heated.

Some people have doubts about the cleanness of the product.

Appearance on GadgettesEdit

The Cushy Tushy appeared on Gadgettes for the first time in episode 164 as one of the Kill Me Holiday Gifts. Even though the hosts never tried the product, it got a bad review. After that episode, Bob from The Cushy Tushy Co. wrote a letter to Gadgettes.

Bob's letterEdit

December 4, 2009

Dear Molly, Kelly and Jason,

It was interesting to hear your "review" of our Cushy Tushy product that was posted on the CNET web site yesterday. They say that any publicity is good publicity, and we did have a nice spike on our web site thanks to you, but your odd comments about a product you've never used was a bit distressing.

In our family we have 2 elementary school boys, plus me and my wife. And no one ever pees on the seat of the toilet. In fact, not peeing on the toilet seat isn't even one of our household rules because, well, it is common sense. Question: which one of you pees on the toilet seat? Or allows peeing on the toilet seat in your own home? Yeah, I didn't think so. Cushy Tushy is a HOME PRODUCT. Using Cushy Tushy does not alter the cleanliness of sitting on your home toilet one iota.

Enclosed are 3 Cushy Tushys. You can fight over who gets which one. Dark green sells the best, to our surprise, but the dark blue one is the most comfortable. Try out Cushy Tushy for yourself. Turn down the heat (go green!) and tell me if a Cushy Tushy-enabled toilet is not better than sitting on a bare seat. A lot better. If you agree, you own me 5 Diggs and a Facebook Fan membership.


Bob Callahan

The Cushy Tushy Co.

San Jose, CA

The Gadgettes received "review units" of the Cushy Tushy and promised to review them on the next episode of the show.


The Cushy Tushy website

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